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Other Universal Waste


  • Subset of hazardous waste that includes*

    • Mercury-Containing Equipment: Devices containing elemental mercury essential to the device’s function

    • Pesticides: substances intended to prevent or mitigate pests or regulate plants

    • Batteries: devices with electrically connected electrochemical cells designed to receive, store, and deliver electric energy

    • Lamps (Bulbs): Bulbs or tubes in electric lighting devices designed to produce radiant energy

    • Aerosol Cans: non-refillable container with a compressed, liquefied, or dissolved gas under pressure

    • Solar panels are proposed for inclusion in Universal Waste by EPA. In the interim, old solar panels should be managed similar to electronic waste. EPA's guidance can be found here

Quantity Handler Requirements

  • Must contain universal waste in a closed, structurally sound container that has no evidence of leakage, spillage, or damage

Hazardous Waste Generator Status

Other Universal Waste
Hazardous Waste Generator Status

Resources and Regulations

DEQ Regulations*

EPA Resources

More Resources

Resources and Regulations
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