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What materials are considered hazardous and need special management?

  • Business Hazardous Wastes include corrosives, flammable liquids, poisons, fluorescent bulbs, rechargeable batteries, electronics, photo chemicals, etc.

  • For a complete guide to managing your small business hazardous waste, see this EPA guide:

  • This website focuses on the following universal wastes,* which contain substances that are hazardous to human or environmental health and should not be thrown into the trash:







Why do I need to handle these items differently?

  • Valuable elements can be recovered and reused from electronics and other materials when properly recycled

  • Hazardous waste can leach harmful substances enter our environment when improperly disposed of The mercury from a single, broken, fluorescent light bulb can contaminate 7,000 gallons of water

  • State and federal hazardous waste regulations require businesses to properly manage these toxic materials as universal wastes*

*External link. The Northern Virginia Regional Commission does not author third party sites and their reference is for educational purposes only.

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